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Steiner AG
MetaDesign Zürich


Building Industry



Brand portfolio and architecture

Brand identity systems (CI/VI)

Brand implementation

Brand governance

Change management

Steiner stands for a century of construction excellence and family business. In 1915 it started as a small carpenter‘s shop and evolved into a comprehensive service provider (GC/SC). However the last few years were turbulent. Financial difficulties and the takeover by HCC left their traces. After a tough built-up phase the company was ready to face the future. An atmosphere of departure was noticeable. The moment had to be capitalized. A strong common identity was needed to lead Steiner into a prosperous future. Thereby we faced two big challenges: First we had to find a common basis out of the two very distinctive company cultures - Steiner and its fully owned sub company Unirenova. And secondly, a new brand promise was needed in an industry were low prices seem to be the only critical added value for customers. Two decisive insights regarding quality perception an the future role of Steiner within the value creation chain led us to a promising positioning within the construction industry. In order to bring the new identity to life we emphasized on a strong anchoring within the company through brand ambassador trainings and workshops on team level before launching the new identity externally.


REBRAND Recognition


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