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Franke Kitchen Systems 
MetaDesign Zürich


Kitchen Manufacturer



Brand Architecture

POS Strategy
Digital Brand Training Platform
Customer Experience

Sometimes one need to turn a company upside down to ensure its future. That’s what Franke did. With their fresh and bold new identity „Make It Wonderful“ they are mixing up the industry and gaining awareness. But at the same time the uncertainty among their employees and their partners increased as well as the benefit was not perceived by its customer.

The new identity lacked of clarity and simplicity. It didn’t inspire and guide the employees and partners in their daily work and therefore was not visible and noticeable in the customer experience. Besides sharpening the identity - contentwise, verbally and visually - we redesigned the training platform „Franke Stars“ for employees and partners as well as the brand management platform „Franke BrandWorld“. Making them fun to use. Be of use in the everyday. And a source of inspiration to boost the own as well as the partner’s business. Moreover, we worked on their customer journey and redesigned their sales strategy. Need based and identity driven. With the clear goal of creating real value. Simply to make it wonderful. Internally as well as externally.


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