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Chemie Unterricht

International Swiss Pharma Company
MetaDesign Zürich




Employer Branding

Content Strategy

Content Toolbox

The international Swiss pharma company is one of the leading healthcare companies in the world. Nonetheless, it faces serious challenges attracting and maintaining talented employees - particularly in Switzerland. Their existing employer branding showed different lacks regarding its impact in the Swiss employment market: company brand and EVP were not linked, company values were not embedded in the EVP and the critical target groups were not specifically addressed. In sum, a clear content strategy was missing. Based on the existing EVP which was given and could not be changed. We prioritized its attributes, specified the most essential ones for the Swiss employment market and linked them meaningfully in an emotional employer branding story. Output was a content toolbox specified for the Swiss employment market. A guideline to support the HR and communication department at the company’s headquarter.

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