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Purpose, mission, vision

Messaging and claims

Brand identity systems (CI/VI)

Packaging design

In the 90ties, Migros launched with ‘Bifidus’ the first probiotic yoghurt in the Swiss market. With rising health consciousness of customers, a lot of competitors emerged in this market segment offering a wide range of probiotic yoghurts and drinks. In 2012, Migros extended its product line and redesigned the packaging. Shortly thereafter a new regulation regarding the communication of health promise was dis-missed by the Swiss government. The times of ‘strengthens the defensive forces and supports the digestion’ were over. Thereafter, Migros decided to operate with ‘Bifidus’ more actively and strongly in the market. Therefore, a new positioning and a reinforcement of the brand ‘Bifidus’ was necessary, as well as a new logo which can be legally protected and deployed in communication. For the new identity it was critical to gather insights about why people buy probiotic yoghurts and drinks. To gather insights from target segments, we set up several online focus groups. Beyond developing a new identity we also created a new logo and a new packaging design.


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