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Rowholt Verlag


Rowohlt Verlag
University of St. Gallen




Innovation Culture Audit & Strategy
Change Management

Employee Activation & Training

Rowohlt is a famous and highly esteemed German publishing house. Since over a century it stands for high quality literature. Nonetheless, the company faces big challenges. Today consumer needs are continuously changing within a publishing industry that is in radical upheaval. But the new upcoming paradigm does not only bring new challenges. It also offers opportunities to realize ones full potential with good ideas and vigour. Against this background Rowohlt set for itself the goal to strengthen its potential of innovation by involving its employees more closely in its innovation process. Our task was to build a fertile ground where an innovation culture can prosper. Therefore, we extracted the strengths and weaknesses of Rowohlt’s company culture in order to discover factors which influence its innovation potential. Then we defined innovation drivers which strengthen the existing strengths and weaken the existing weaknesses, with the target to use the existing potential and, beyond that, encourage to build up new one. By conducting ambassador trainings we ensured to bring the innovation drivers to life and supported the growth of a thriving innovation culture.


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