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B. Braun
MetaDesign Zürich





Market and brand equity insights

Brand identity systems (CI/VI)

Interaction and experience design

Spatial design (retail, trade, signage)

Brand implementation

Brand communications

Brand governance

B. Braun pioneered an industry lagging behind its opportunity of digital services. But through the exponential growth in this field, its customer experience became fragmented and unstructured. It no longer lived up to their stance: sharing expertise.

We re-interpreted the core „Sharing Expertise“ against the background of a growing hybrid world and brought it to life in the customer journey. With the aim and vision of making the B. Braun universe the first choice when being involved with issues on health and treatments. And thereby building close and long-term relationships through an engaging environment. Our principles: Less is more. Clear structures. Intelligent linking. And need based. That’s how we enabled B. Braun to emerge from a manufacturer to a medical system partner.


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