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Gyselroth Zürich


Artistic Minting Company



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Brand implementation

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At the heart of the Swiss watchmaking region, exclusive minted products have been created for almost a century and a half. An unwavering commitment to unparalleled quality in design and perfection in production has made Huguenin one of the most important artistic minting companies with a broad international reach. In the last few years, a lot of competitors emerged in this market segment offering a broad range of cheap products. In order to be competitive, Huguenin adapted its assortment and prices according to the competitors while maintaining its expensive production process and standard of quality. An action with serious consequences: an almost demise of the company. A new orientation was needed. Together with the management we decided to revolutionize the brand identity and to position the company in the high-end market. Therefore, we digged through the company’s history in search of its real DNA. We found amazing stories to tell and brought its uncompromising standard of quality and its passion of handicraft to life again - as it has been for more than a century an a half.


Winner REBRAND 100® Global Awards

«Finalist Certificate» World Luxury Award


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